• In the BCT operational villages, Community Organizers have touch based with 220 entrepreneurs, of which 85 entrepreneurs were selected 
  • 22 Women & Persons with Disabilities (PwD) with micro enterprises have expressed interest in the program till date
  • They have attended training for the last 2 weeks for 2 half-days per week (Monday & Tuesday)
  • Basic knowledge of income, expenditure and accounting was imparted as part of the class
  • BCT head of  finance spent time with each participant to understand and analyse the income and expenditure of the venture. 
  • Further, the entrepreneurs were trained on inventory management – dead stock and moving stock., cost of procurement, margins etc.
  • Management of the enterprise during the pandemic situation was discussed over phone. Entrepreneurs were guided on how to change course and keep generating income 
  • During the pandemic, all the cohorts were contacted to keep their positivity up. Some them, have been linked to local communities for mask production and about 7,000 masks were made. 
  •  The second cohorts with Agri- entrepreneurs has begun with 26 entrepreneurs